I know I am incredibly blessed to have counted on the loving support of both my parents through-out my life. My dad in particular has grown in ways I never knew were possible when I was a little girl. My dad changed and became the father my three sisters and I needed him to be.

I am running for School Board in the school district I graduated from, the Whittier City School District. I am running because like my dad, the school district needs to change to better serve our children.

I don’t want to pretend that we are living during normal times. Yet, I know we are resilient and we must take care of each other. I need your help to make the necessary changes in the Whittier City School District. Below are a few ways to engage in this campaign:

  • Attend my fundraiser this upcoming Saturday, June 24 from 6-8 PM in West Whittier. Please see flyer attached.
  • Like my FB page:
  • Donate: Unfortunately, we haven’t taken the money out of politics yet. This means fundraising is a large piece of this campaign. Any and all contributions help:


  • Caro Jauregui June 24 Fundraiser FINAL